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Marine made me overcome my fear of “navel gazing” to allow me to dive into myself. Marine's kindness, listening and sensitivity will put you at ease from the very beginning of the sessions. 

A great opportunity to let go, while asking the right questions to move forward more peacefully towards great fulfillment. Marine will make “gold from your waves to the soul” and help you refocus on your values.

Many thanks Marine, now I believe in fairies!

- C. 40 years 
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Marine knows how to build up confidence and her method is smooth and not intrusive. 


Her questions awaken all your hidden parts and allow them to express themselves out loud. During the whole process she never lets you down and helps you deal with all those parts to find a solution that will help the present you to find peace with the past, the present and even with the future. 


I’ve been struggling with the same problem my whole life without even knowing this was a problem. As she told me: “you didn’t know that you didn’t know”. She taught me that there is no problem that doesn't deserve to be treated. Not only she made me realize what was the root of the problem but she also gave me tools to work on it so I can improve myself every day. 


We shared a human, honest and beautiful moment. 


A session with Marine is a moment out of time, an adventure, a dream, where only you count. With her soothing voice and her good energies, she shows you how to put yourself in priority and rebuild your self-esteem.


I can only recommend her professional work done with wisdom and kindliness. 


She is a great guide through your path to healing.

—M29 years old
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I would like to point out that I am not the type to leave opinions, however, after these few sessions with Marine, I would like to do so because in view of the help she gave me, the good that it made me make the decision to contact her and her precious advice and words... I would like this to be of use to other people. So this review is for all the people who doubt, who wonder, is it worth it? The answer is yes; WITHOUT A DOUBT!Marine shows us, accompanies us in a process filled with emotions, memories and self-discovery. 


If, like me, you have doubts, you no longer know where you are, no longer recognize yourself, have internal pain or pain that is not (yet) treated, know that the best way to find yourself and be able to moving forward is to contact her. 


Marine was recommended to me by a contact, and this contact told me "I met her, I followed a few sessions and she changed my life" So I said to myself that I could try, I didn't had nothing to lose. Well that's the best idea I've had. After months of doubts, questioning, unhealed wounds, Marine put me on the path to well-being... Thanks to these words, her tact, her listening and her presence, Marine is truly the best someone who can support you in this type of process.


I recommend her 1000%, go see her, you will emerge taller, better with yourself and simply happy, you will never regret having met this incredible Coach who knows how to put us at ease, to listen and simply be an additional support in this world we live in.... So once again, if you have any doubts, but you see this opinion, trust yourself and contact her ;- ) It is a light worth following if you are in dark areas! 

I also take this opportunity to thank you Marine, once again, for everything we said to each other, everything you allowed me to achieve, for all these little keys that you gave me in order to find my well-being! Thank you, thank you and thank you! 

—D29 years old
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I heard about Mademoiselle Coll's coaching work via her posts on Instagram and her search for volunteers for the completion of her diploma.

Having never taken part in this type of coaching method, I had some apprehension before starting the session and facing the door.

I very quickly realized the stupidity of my fears, because Mademoiselle Coll very quickly put me at ease with clear and concise explanations of the process and by offering me the program that best suited my needs.

The sessions started with questions about my current state of mind. How I felt, how my week had been. 

Helped by targeted questions, Miss Coll began a calming discussion, striving to demonstrate the positive in each statement.

During the discussion, certain exercises were proposed.

I had the feeling that they aimed either at an organization of thought with precise words for feelings, or even, to overcome certain mental or sentimental blockades linked to the events I was recounting. There was an acceptance effect. 

Even if some of these exercises were sometimes difficult to perform because of the sentimental charge put forward, the result was constantly positive. Seeing the truth in the face and letting go of certain preconceptions offered a feeling of relief, while building the courage to continue on the path.

The exercises were all varied and directly linked to my speech. Miss Coll demonstrated great control of the situation through her interventions and the suggestion of said exercises.

I was very happy to benefit from the coaching and I actually noticed positive effects in my life. I have already highly recommended Mademoiselle Coll's services and will continue to do so.

A big thank-you. “ 

—I29 years old
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In a world where everything is always moving faster and where codes are falling one after the other, the human being that we are is lost in an ocean of freedom and suffering. Through her expertise, her dedication and above all her listening skills, Marine allowed me to refocus on myself and gave me tools to face everyday difficulties and overcome my suffering. She helped me create a living environment personalized to my professional and family life situation to achieve well-being and a more peaceful life. Marine was able to make my life more balanced and I thank her very much.

- L. 39 years old
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During my first meeting with Marine, we were in a magnificent setting between lake and mountains, but beyond the picturesque setting, it was her speech on consciousness that rather intrigued me. It was the first step that led me towards individual elevation.

We live in a world full of certainties and beliefs but also of rules and constraints. Everyday anxieties and fears prevent us from growing and building our lives. Really ? Not sure according to my coach, who really allowed me to realize that happiness was not that far away. Indeed, Marine, with a direct and human approach, brings us face to face with ourselves, our responsibilities, our desires, our ambitions and our objectives. The past doesn't matter, as long as the present is always guided by a constant search for happiness. That is the key.

Marine allowed me to find my compass, she helped me get back on track on my path and I am grateful to her because now my certainties and my convictions have taken over my doubts and my weaknesses. Through her kindness, her good humor and her coaching experience, Marine will transmit to you all the positive energies necessary for your improvement which will be achieved in record time.

Personally, I have never consulted a psychologist or coach, so it was my first experience and to tell you the truth, I was amazed by the result. Marine quickly identified the flaws and helped me overcome them. I can only recommend her to her future clients and wish them to find the awareness and happiness that I experience in the present time.

—M. 28 years 
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I met Marine in August 2020. I went there in a state of great excitement, I no longer had confidence in myself, I ruminated a lot and I devalued myself enormously. We saw each other for two months. His approach, in calm and total listening, allowed me to refocus, to find the lifeblood in me which allows me today to continue to grow and push. Clear blockages. His tools became a precious treasure that still serves me today when certain doubts reappear. Understand how I work, the mechanism of my blockages and how to deal with them to overcome them. Above all, accept... I found my way (voice) thanks to her work, her listening without judgment, her patience, her words, in short, thanks to her. If you are reading these lines, don't hesitate, sometimes we need help, and his is precious.

—W. 30 years 
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By chance (but is there such a thing as chance?), I received a message from Marine telling me that her website was going online just at a time when I needed a lifeline to avoid not sink completely into my unhappiness. A call a few minutes later, and the meeting was scheduled. At that time, I was seeing a therapist who didn't convince me and with whom I wasn't completely comfortable. With Marine, it was quite the opposite. Warm, caring and attentive, throughout the sessions, with advice and exercises, she allowed me to find keys to not sink into my discomfort, but to explore it to better distance myself from it. . Marine is not the lifebuoy, she is the arm that throws the buoy and through her coaching she instills the strength necessary to grasp it. I can only highly recommend his services. A big thank-you.

—J. 30 years 

Meeting Marine means accepting an invitation with yourself. Welcome to the path to fullness, from which we emerge revealed. Above all, thank you for your help, your support, your clairvoyance, you accompany me every day! And I came to you asking you to be a better me. I got there, even if I accept that I have to make constant efforts to become even better every day. 

- C. 28 years 
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I wanted to tell you, fortunately there are people like you to help misguided people become better people. I see the improvement in my life with this work we did together. It's impressive.

I still have worries all the same, but when I see how much better I am in my skin and how much better I am able to deal with disappointments and other worries of life, how much I am able today to suffer less from malevolence and the benefit I get from moving on and no longer seeking revenge, and living with this pain and hatred of what was done to me. Life is so much cooler when you let go of all that. I feel that I have learned a lot from life. And that’s thanks to the work we did together. I have changed, I have grown and I feel better about myself and more fulfilled in my life. Thank you Marine!

—S. 33 years 
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I'm not used to talking about my doubts, my fears, and even less about admitting that sometimes I need help. The idea of putting into words some of my anxieties, this habit of thinking about everything constantly to the point of exhaustion, scared me. But as soon as Marine picked up the phone, I felt that I had entered a space of kindness and sincerity, that I could be completely honest and that it was the moment to lift all veils. It only took him ten minutes to understand what I needed and ask myself the right questions, questions that I had never asked myself before (and I ask myself a lot, every day! ). Warm and careful to choose the right words, Marine exudes something reassuring, as well as a lot of strength. I felt like I could count on her

— E27 years old

Your testimonials are an imperishable treasure over time, do not hesitate to send them when the time is right. Late is better than never, and thank you for your happiness.  By email to be here or on Linkedin or Google! Your opinions mean a lot to me.

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