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Philosophical Coaching Coll


Marine Coll

ICF accredited coach since 2019 & founder of the philosopher's approach.

Art historian, self-taught passionate about the evolution of the human psyche, extra-sensitive, multi-potential, attentive to the hidden messages of the present moment, poet and alchemist in doubt, eternal student of life.  ;


The approach is an anti-method, you are unique and your feelings are the only reliable guide.

Who am I ?

As a coach, I'm here to enlighten you on your path. Not in the sense that I know, because no one but you can really know you, feel or see the world as you do or for you. More in the sense of cave exploration, where you guide the desired itinerary and I hold the lantern so you don't miss any nooks and crannies of self-awareness.


I believe that everyone has an infinite number of resources available in their cellular memory when immersed in an environment conducive to self-exploration in complete safety, without judgment, projections or bias from a conditioned external viewpoint. I know how difficult it is to find help, and how disappointing it is when it doesn't work, when you've already taken the plunge and done a lot of work for yourself...


I believe that mindfulness is the absolute knowledge of oneself: one's conscious, unconscious, subconscious and the encounter with Consciousness at the bottom of all this mess. I believe that it is Consciousness that is at the origin of all our beliefs and stories, those that have conditioned humanity and our brains, and I believe that each of us has a unique access through our personal genesis to repair ourselves by being happy enough to be generous and altruistic.


I believe that in a world on the verge of individualism, we might as well go deep into our belly button, to discover the humanity that binds us all together in the laws of life.

As a human being, I have an atypical brain that sometimes makes living a complex exercise, understanding the world and the meaning of life was programmed by an impossibility of living that takes away the merit or the ability to be proud of my inner journey. Helping others to feel better on earth, and to remember the treasures buried within them, gives infinite meaning to the existence that brought me here. As I was the patient "hopeless case", the only thing I'm certain of is that it doesn't exist. Sometimes, our subconscious doesn't want to get better because it doesn't really know who we'll be afterwards without this part of our identity. Your best version. From the worst comes the best.


In my daily life, I try to take enough care of myself and the loved ones who directly influence my well-being to always be a "jug full of fresh water for if I come across someone in need". I use a lot of metaphor and perspective shifting in my life, which I find useful for expressing the ineffable within, and an important link between art and psychology. I also have an annoying tendency to see others as art in motion.


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