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Coll Philosophers Coaching 




Awareness for the mind, a better connection to the experience of the body, and an energetic balm for the soul.

In coaching, we use open questioning or the art of maieutics, protocols adapted to the situations of the present moment as well as a framework regulated by ICF, metaphors, creativity and spatial displacement so that things move in you according to your intentions. It is conscious work: The energy of action.  


The philosopher's space is the compassion, the power and the unconditional love which resides in each one in a more or less accessible way, offering a place to confess, to raise his vibratory state, to discover the autonomist active hypnosis and to put the finger on the egos, or energetic self-knowledge. Always in a concern of empowerment and anchoring the autonomy of well-being. It is the unconscious and subconscious work: the energy of transformation.

And we can do anything with it, whoever we are and whatever the initial intention! Business or individual, whether you feel completely blocked or you are simply looking to improve on a specific point, let's discuss it! Particularly suitable for human beings who are invisibly atypical, hypersensitive, high-potential, depressed, traumatized and in search of a meaning in life. 


155 CHF

remotely (worldwide)

255 CHF

in person ( Geneva)


Special "change your world" offer

12 sessions to regain your inner power  - 1'500 CHF

The contact call is used to define your wishes, which brings you and plan the number of sessions required as well as the terms of use. It is offered and there is no commitment.

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