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Philosophical Coaching Coll



Feed your ability to think better


Maybe we already know each other or maybe you just came across this page by chance... Everyone has obstacles to overcome in life and sometimes they need to quickly regain better control of the incomprehensible in itself.


After 25 years of searching for meaning, I developed the IPAI (the index of presence of the soul in incarnation). It is a volatile and fluctuating index which resembles the sensation of being a human in movement, and its real usefulness is to very quickly target your deep needs and the essential actions to maintain a level of well-being in daily life which allows to always be the best version of yourself.


Here, the idea is not to go deep into the psyche but really to take stock of your feelings at the moment, and to establish a list of actions/needs to improve or stabilize your internal state. in daily life.  


85 CHF


   (45 minutes by phone) 

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