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Philosophers Coaching Coll



We are students in the school of life

Marine Coll

The whole of life and everything that happens in it is the only master to follow towards an elevation of self-awareness. And it is true that it can lead even the most atheist/unbelieving among us to conceive the hypothesis of the Divine Factor. Because we have a soul that we can feel within our body, lacking self-esteem can lead to be easily influenced and to fall easily into sectarian movements. YOU KNOW BETTER. In my life experience, this is found deep within in the experience of our daily life which from one end to the other is the genesis to be healed for heal the past.Also, I strongly advise against entrusting this responsibility of discovering this sum of oneself to anyone. That said, finding a few assistants in this journey of self-awareness who support you when needed, while helping you maintain this internal positioning where you are master of yourself, is reassuring. And this security is the basis of energetic skeleton so this accelerates and supports your journey towards great self-awareness, your philosopher's stone and your alchemy of happiness.


Creativity and the desire to help as many people as possible live better by finding concretely and simply keys to action and achievement, inspire me to create hybrid products between seminar and practical workshop, with tools adapted to implement in everyday life.

Kindness, laughter, communication methods, arts, psychic organization, self-awareness, leadership, visualization, self-hypnosis, sophrology and various breathing methods are likely to be used to create an unique experience .

Starting from a desire or a need, I create a tailor-made product for your school, company or institution.


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